David Noël
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David Noël creates, advises, and consults. He lives in Berlin, and travels the world.

My Story

Most recently, I was a Director and VP at SoundCloud. I've spent the last 10 years starting and building companies where I've learned a bunch about communication, communities, leadership – and company culture as the tissue that holds it all together. The 10 years before that, I worked in various roles in the music and marketing industries.

These days, I help startup founders and technology leaders to unlock their full potential in the areas of culture, communication, and leadership.

Besides, I create a podcast, organize events, and occasionally write.

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As a spokesperson, I've represented companies to the media and the broader startup ecosystem as a speaker, mentor, and moderator.

Past speaking engagements include SXSWNEXT Berlin, Pioneers Festival, Go Youth, Seedcamp, various corporate events, and many more. 

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With my friend Isa I co-founded Role Models, a series of events and podcasts that captures and shares the stories and lessons learned from successful and inspiring women.

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I'm a specialized generalist and consult startups, small, and large companies, in the areas of communication, culture development, leadership & management, and community building.

Email me to start a conversation and let's explore how we can collaborate. 

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